Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Benj's soccer game

I am proud of my brother Benj because he worked very hard in his game on Saturday, he only had 3 players and no subs and the other team had 6 and 5 subs. They also had a really big kid. My dad called him The Mutant. Benj did not have a break all game and he was really tired, but he kept going. He scored a goal too. He is an awesome soccer player. His team was very good too. -Gabe

Gabe's Pride Award

I am proud of my brother Gabe because he got a Kenwood Pride Award. A Pride Award is a certificate you get when you have or are one of the folowing, a positive attitude, respectful and responsible, integrity, dependable or enthusiastic about learning. Gabe got a Pride Award for enthusiastic about learning. Each thing you get a Pride Award for begins with one of the letters in pride. I am very happy about Gabe getting a Pride Award and I hope you post comments about it too.-Benj

Sunday, October 7, 2007

First post

Hi we decided to make a blog, we hope you will read it and tell us what you think. We will try to write something about our lives every day.
From Benj and Gabe